Bendix suggests tips for CVSA Brake Safety week

Company supports efforts of operation air brake, offers advice on readying for inspections.

The RSD mandate requires most trucks to stop within 250'. Phase one of the mandate took effect in August 2011 for new three-axle tractors with Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWRs) up to 59,600 lbs. Phase two, aimed at tractors with two axles, as well as severe service tractors with GVWRs above 59,600 lbs, took effect Aug. 1, 2013.

BSFB is a joint venture between Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC and Dana Commercial Vehicle Products, LLC.

Keeping the Air Clean

Protecting a vehicle's air system from contamination is crucial to maintaining a safe and effective air brake system. Oil, in particular, can be very harmful to an air system, contributing to premature damage in a variety of components such as spring brake modulating valves and brake chamber diaphragms. And oil-deteriorated seals can cause air system leaks – a target of Operation Air Brake inspections.

The installation and regularly scheduled replacement of air dryer cartridges such as Bendix PuraGuard oil-coalescing air dryer cartridges help ensure a brake system's longevity and performance by collecting and removing solid, liquid, and aerosol contaminants before they enter the system.

"Adhering to a strict preventive maintenance schedule is key to keeping the air brake system clean and operating safely," said Andersky, who also serves as Bendix director of marketing – Charging. "Air dryer cartridge replacement schedules vary according to the air compressor, operating environment, and vehicle usage, but fleets and drivers should check the functionality of their filters with monthly checks for moisture in the air brake system. If moisture is present, the air dryer cartridge may require replacement."

Along with the air dryer cartridge, other components of the air dryer, including the purge valve assembly and the delivery check valve, should be inspected and replaced. See the applicable Bendix Service Data Sheet to clarify specific air dryer model maintenance requirements and schedule. Inspecting and, as necessary, replacing air dryer components on the Bendix suggested schedule will help ensure proper operation of the air brake system, as well as key components that rely on system air.  

Knowledge Is Power

Equipping commercial fleets, technicians, and drivers with the tools they need to ensure safe operation through assessment, maintenance, and repair is vital to the industry's ongoing roadway safety efforts. Both new and experienced techs need to remain up-to-date on the technologies and operations of commercial vehicle safety systems. Bendix's commitment to technician education extends to offering field-tested sales and service professionals; a 100 percent ASE-certified field technical support team; and the Bendix Tech Team, an expert technical support phone line, among other tools.

The Bendix Brake Training School, one of the industry's longest-running training programs, has educated more than 250,000 students since its founding more than 50 years ago.

Additionally, the Bendix On-Line Brake School ( provides free, flexible, customizable access to its knowledge database and technical resources. The website features a menu of 5 to 7-minute video segments, as well as a broad range of other training tools on all aspects of electronics and air brake maintenance.

"Round-the-clock access to specific training gives companies and technicians the best means of advancing their skill sets on the topics that matter most to them," said John Reid, Bendix service, warranty, and training (SWAT) team manager. "As safety technologies advance, technician training and knowledge are more critical than ever to keeping vehicles on the road in good working condition."

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