DMEInsights launches Customer Loyalty Analytics System

DMEautomotive (DMEa) launched DMEinsights, an innovative customer loyalty analytics system designed to revolutionize dealership service marketing and enable dealerships to dramatically increase the value of their customers. The first-ever system to generate comprehensive analytics for every stage of the auto service customer lifecycle, DMEInsights provides the framework and knowledge essential to building sustainable customer loyalty, enabling dealerships to quickly and accurately gauge, and act on, customer retention performance.

"Service center revenue is the lifeblood of today's dealerships. Almost 60 percentof a dealership's service center revenue comes from just 23 percentof its loyal customers, so a focus on growing and retaining a loyalist customer base is mission critical," said Mike Walther, president and CEO of DMEautomotive. "Until now, the industry has lacked a truly comprehensive, actionable system for measuring customer loyalty. Designed to quickly deliver powerful and focused retention and loyalty analytics, DMEInsights is the first system to fill that void, providing analytics from customer acquisition to customer retention to value nurturing, so dealerships can have confidence they are investing their marketing dollars in areas with the greatest potential to drive customer loyalty."

In addition to key performance reports at each stage of the customer lifecycle, DMEInsights helps dealerships and dealer groups take a much deeper dive by identifying the diverse components that drive retention and loyalty. The system enables the user to view performance from several different perspectives that contribute to overall dealership performance.

For example, a dealer group may have ten consistently top-performing dealers, but a more comprehensive analysis based on unique customer attributes can tell a different story, helping dealer groups focus on improving performance with specific customer groups, versus just narrowly focusing on improving performance for all customers.

Emphasizing the critical stages of customer loyalty - acquire, connect, convert, retain and nurture - key benefits of DMEInsights include:

  • Eight loyalty and retention dashboards, from 'New Service VINs by Vehicle Age' to '12-Month Service Retention Trend'.
  • 58 performance reports, including monthly trends and in-depth views by store, vehicle age, distance, vehicle class, lifetime activity, and deal history. Special reports are included to show service intervals by time and mileage, and to provide a profile of a dealer's active customer base.
  • Complete access to all dealership loyalty metrics, so each dealership can customize reports to its specific needs.
  • Fast and user-friendly interface with rapid data delivery.
  • Multiple, relevant views of loyalty -including key benchmarks overall and, by individual dealer, such as vehicle count, revenue, and frequency of visits.
  • Easy-to-use charts and graphs that are 100 percent customizable.

DMEInsights is available to the auto industry in three variations:

  • Insights Dashboards: Includes 8 loyalty and retention dashboards and is offered at no additional cost to all current DME Journey customers.
  • Insights Analyst: Provides 58 new web-based reports and analytics. Accessed via a web client tool with easy navigation for business users.
  • Insights Data Scientist: Allows unfettered access directly to the dealer's data in the DME data warehouse, enabling dealers to customize reports or create entirely new analysis. It is accessed with an OLAP desktop client tool, with over 100 dimensions and measures are available for data exploration by the dealership.