Diesel Technology Forum

Find diesel faster than ever thanks to apps

With more than 20 new clean diesel vehicles entering the U.S. market in the next 18 months, the Diesel Technology Forum has compiled a collection of apps, retailer sites and other search services from a variety of sources to help diesel drivers easily find clean diesel fuel in all 50 states. 

"Even though some of the new clean diesel vehicles will average more than 40 miles per gallon and get more than 750 miles per tank, we want to make sure that finding diesel fuel is quick and easy for all drivers," said Allen Schaeffer, the executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum. 

"With more than half of all retail fuel sites in the U.S. offering diesel fuel – and more coming each day – these fuel locator search services will show drivers diesel refueling stations in their immediate location and some will even show the best available prices. In addition, drivers going on vacations or trips to new areas can use these fuel locators to help plan their excursion. 

"We also include information about biodiesel fuel locations and other alternative energy fuels wherever they may be," Schaeffer said.