XRS unveils new white paper, featuring research from Gartner, during Xue

Research validates technology convergence in transportation, confirming XRS' leadership as trucking goes mobile.

"Research over the past several years has identified the independent evolution of four powerful forces: social, mobile, cloud and information," noted analyst Chris Howard, Daryl C. Plummer et al. in The Nexus of Forces: Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information, Published: 2012, 14 June, the source of inspiration for the XRS convergence white paper. "As a result of consumerization and the ubiquity of connected smart devices, people's behavior has caused a convergence of these forces."

The company's mobile trucking intelligence platform, also called XRS, is an ideal example of how technology companies are bringing the convergence strategy to life. XRS runs on certified smartphones, tablets and rugged handhelds that transmit vehicle and operator data through the cloud to a fleet management dashboard, allowing companies to comply with the pending MAP-21 mandate for electronic recording of a driver's hours-of-service.

Nearly 90 percent of drivers already use mobile devices, meaning there are no additional hardware costs associated with the XRS platform, and XRS Corporation has partnership agreements with the leading brands in mobile communications.

"We are only beginning to realize the potential of convergence to improve the bottom line for fleets and drivers alike," Coughlan said. "Just as digital downloading transformed the entertainment industry and wireless networks transformed the telecommunications industry, mobile trucking intelligence has the power to improve the transportation industry for years to come."

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