Con-way Inc.

Con-way Manufacturing unveils state-of-the-art trailer

Con-way Manufacturing (formerly Road Systems, Inc.) in partnership with satellite radio personality Kevin Rutherford and SmartTruck Systems, unveiled the Kevin Rutherford Signature Series Trailer at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. The cutting-edge trailer, produced by Con-way Manufacturing, features advanced options not found on standard models available to owner- operators, including the SmartTruck UT6Plus UnderTray System to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve fuel economy.

An industry veteran, Rutherford is considered one of the top experts in growing a successful owner-operator business. The new Signature Series Trailer joins the Kevin Rutherford Signature Series Tractor, which was introduced to the marketplace in 2009.

"When designing this new trailer, I selected Con-way Manufacturing and SmartTruck because of their reputation in the industry and the ease of collaboration to transform a vision into a reality," said Rutherford. "The collection of these features all in one trailer makes it an ideal product for owner operators because it brings all components together to help drivers achieve greater fuel efficiency and save money."

In addition to the SmartTruck UnderTray System, the Kevin Rutherford Signature Series Trailer boasts a Meritor suspension with disc brakes and MicroBlue bearings. The trailer is also fitted with a Fusion Floor by HAVCO and Michelin X One XTA single-wide tires. Together, these features reduce the weight of a standard trailer by 400 lbs, contributing to impressive fuel efficiency numbers and significantly exceeding the EPA's requirements for SmartWay certification.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Con-way and Kevin on this project, as SmartTruck's UT6Plus System is the perfect fit for this premium trailer," said Mitch Greenberg, chief commercial officer at SmartTruck. "Owner operators will really benefit from the combination of 10 percent highway fuel savings and the rugged design that will allow the UnderTray System to last as long as the trailer does."

"Con-way Manufacturing is honored to work with Kevin and SmartTruck to make available this state-of-the-art trailer," stated Lynn Reinbolt, president of Con-way Manufacturing. "Our collaboration on the design and manufacture of this advanced trailer raises the bar for owner operators, delivering significantly improved safety and performance."

The first Kevin Rutherford Signature Series Trailers are now on the road. Owner feedback will drive additional improvements. The trailers are available for purchase directly through Con-way Manufacturing.