IdleAir accelerates Texas expansion

IdleAir continues to expand its fuel saving solution at travel centers and dedicated fleet terminals in Texas.

IdleAir continues to expand its fuel saving solution at travel centers and dedicated fleet terminals in Texas. Construction recently completed for IdleAir's dedicated fleet facility with Transportation Services, Inc. ("TSI") in Mesquite, TX, and construction is underway for expansion in Laredo, TX on both the Flying J travel center and another major fleet terminal.

With no minimum usage requirements and new financing options, fleets can quickly realize significant fuel and maintenance savings with an easy solution that is customized to their operations. Dedicated facility customers receive discounted pricing and a customized package of IdleAir services and support.

Fleets and owner-operators enjoy long-term savings by extending engine life and reducing wear and tear on diesel and battery APUs. Delivering inexpensive, seamless electric recharge solutions for battery systems, IdleAir integrates easily with other idle reduction strategies to help customers protect their investments in idle reduction equipment.

"TSI has been an excellent partner. By combining their sophisticated, vertically integrated logistics operation with IdleAir's dedicated terminal solution, TSI is positioned to gain immediate savings as well as improved safety and driver retention," says Ethan Garber, CEO. "We are pleased to complement our expanding network of travel center locations with dedicated facilities at fleet terminals to deliver maximum savings and convenience to our customers."

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