A couple tips to prevent vehicle theft

Step One: Identify Possible Threats & Secure Your Inventory

There are a variety of items that are attractive to thieves: electronics, gas, metal and even the car itself. Make sure outdoor lots are properly lit and instruct employees to lock vehicles and activate factory security systems if applicable. 

High profile vehicles are especially at risk of catalytic convertor theft. In many cases, the platinum inside the part can be sold for scrap. Company fleet vehicles and other cars that are parked for extended time periods are prime targets. Be aware these could be priority for thieves and should be parked accordingly. Additionally, installing a fence or building walls can strengthen a lot's perimeter. 

Step Two: Know your Security Options

Most dealerships are familiar with the conventional security measures: recorded camera surveillance systems and/or human guards. If cameras aren't reviewed unless there's an incident, it's already too late and or many businesses, hiring an on-site security guard isn't cost-effective.

Instead, combine existing surveillance equipment with roving patrols for the best of both worlds. Officers can patrol the area in person using randomized, less predicable routes. While they're off-site, remote viewing access and virtual monitoring is available within the patrol vehicle.

Finally, install signage to inform potential thieves that they're under constant surveillance or that you have an active alarm system to help stop theft.