Central Refrigerated Service enhances fleet safety with Bendix collision mitigation technology

Nationwide carrier equipping 100 trucks with Bendix Wingman Advanced.

Full stability typically assesses situations quicker than roll-only stability systems – thanks to additional sensors that measure driver intent and vehicle direction – and then delivers automatic brake interventions involving the steer, drive and trailer axles. Bendix ESP helps slow the vehicle quickly to help mitigate rollovers faster, while slowing and redirecting can help the driver maneuver in loss-of-control situations.

Central Refrigerated Service has also spec'd Bendix AD-IP air dryers with PuraGuard oil-coalescing technology on more than 1,000 of its trucks. PuraGuard technology is highly proficient at preventing oil from entering a vehicle's air system, where it can contribute to premature damage in a variety of components such as push-pull dash valves, spring brake modulating valves, and brake chamber diaphragms.

Bendix's active safety and air management solutions are part of the company's ever-growing portfolio of technology developments that delivers on safety, plus other areas critical to fleets' success. By improving vehicle performance and efficiency and providing unparalleled post-sales support, Bendix aims to help fleets and drivers lower total cost of vehicle ownership, strengthen return on investment in equipment and technology and improve highway safety.

Bendix emphasizes that safety technologies do not replace the need for safe drivers. No commercial vehicle safety technology replaces the most important safety components of all: skilled, alert professional drivers exercising safe driving habits, as well as continuous, comprehensive driver training.

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