Auto issues top consumer complaints

Misleading advertising and faulty repairs for auto work leads consumer complaints.

  1. Foreclosure issues
  2. Problems with home repairs after disasters
  3. Sweepstakes scams and other frauds targeting elderly consumers
  4. Business opportunities and work-at-home offers
  5. Violations of do-not-call and other telemarketing rights
  • Among the most interesting new types of problems reported to agencies were: an offer for a payday loan that was actually a line of credit to spend at an online shopping mall; mortgage assistance scams perpetrated by individuals who are part of the “sovereign citizenship” movement and claim not to be subject to the law or the courts; charges for disputing bills; a website posting misleading information about individuals’ traffic convictions and offering to remove it, for a fee; third party billing intermediaries holding up deposits of payments and charge-backs for cancelled transactions; rent payments being stolen from drop-boxes at apartment complexes and mobile home parks; door-to-door meat sales out of the back of a truck; and timeshare resale “splinter cells.”
  • While budget cuts and limited resources continue to squeeze many state and local consumer protection agencies, they faced other challenges as well: dealing with disasters; maintaining and improving services; serving diverse populations; and keeping up with the evolving nature of fraud.

The survey report provides real-life examples of complaints from the agencies’ files and tips for how consumers can protect themselves. CFA also has tips, videos, and other consumer education materials at and on its identity theft website,


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