Breakthrough Fuel CNG service reaches 3.5 million miles

Breakthrough Fuel and its Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) service customers have reached a major milestone that is saving money and the environment.

To date, Breakthrough Fuel has managed more than three and a half million miles of its customers' CNG fleets, resulting in cost savings and emission reductions. CNG is a fossil fuel substitute and is considered more environmentally clean and safer than other fuels.

The three and a half million miles of managed CNG means Breakthrough clients have reduced their emissions output by 776 metric tons, the equivalent of:

  • the energy output of 53 homes over the course of a year
  • preserving eight acres of forest from being harvested
  • recycling 384 tons of waste instead of sending it to a landfill

In addition, it's estimated the companies' savings are closing in on $1 million over the cost of more traditional fuels such as diesel.

"It is a significant accomplishment," stated Craig Dickman, Breakthrough Fuel CEO and chief innovation officer. "It proves that you can manage energy costs and be environmentally conscious at the same time."

John Smith, director of physical and alternative fuel for breakthrough, who works with Breakthrough's CNG clients added, "Shippers are beginning to realize that there are options when it comes to managing fuel costs as well as reducing their carbon footprint. CNG can be a part of that picture and we believe it's an area that will continue to grow."