Clore Automotive makes how-to easy

Clore Automotive relaunched, an interactive video support site, allowing users to access a wide variety of how-to videos related to all Clore products. This includes anything from the Jump-N-Carry jump starter line to the T-TECH automatic transmission fluid exchangers.

Do you need a detailed look at display progressions on our new PRO-LOGIX wheel chargers? Are you unsure about how to go about recharging your JNCAIR? At, all instructional videos are categorized by product type, making them easy to find and access. Videos are short and sweet, getting you back to work faster with the knowledge needed to move forward. Along with the video library, users can sign up for our monthly RECHARGED newsletter, access product images on our Flickr archive, or stay up-to-date by following Clore on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.