TireStamp unveils documented tire maintenance program

TireStamp now provides Tire and Wheel Maintenance Programs that are customized specifically for each fleet and integrate industry recommended practices and procedures into each fleet's maintenance. TireStamp Inc. announced the availability of the industry's first comprehensive Tire and Wheel Maintenance Program that is customizable to each individual fleet's operating needs. Each custom tailored program incorporates the latest industry recommended practices and procedures for maintaining commercial truck and bus tires and wheels. Each Tire Maintenance Program will fit a fleet's specific operations, outsourced tire maintenance, and product preferences. 

According to TireStamp president, Peggy Fisher, "A high percentage of for-hire and private carriers as well as bus and motorcoach fleets do not have a documented tire maintenance manual so their maintenance programs for tires and wheels are not well communicated to their personnel and to their outsourced tire service providers. As a result, bad practices creep into tire maintenance and the policies that the fleet believes it has established are not followed by its own maintenance staff nor by its tire dealers and retreaders. A written Tire and Wheel Maintenance Program eliminates confusion and is a reference that ensures the correct maintenance practices are employed by everyone to properly maintain the fleet's tires and wheels."

Maintaining vehicles is what maintenance managers in many commercial fleets know best. Putting that knowledge into an organized set of processes for the entire organization is often a difficult task for most technically and mechanically oriented people. TireStamp makes creation of a company's Tire and Wheel Maintenance Program easy, painless and fast.

Once engaged, the fleet completes a comprehensive questionnaire that provides information specific to its maintenance operations and product preferences. This information is linked to an automated template that generates the fleet specific Tire and Wheel Maintenance Program which contains the fleet's own, specific tire and wheel maintenance policies that fit its operations and uses industry best practices.

TireStamp's fleet customized Tire and Wheel Maintenance Program is the latest product in the company's portfolio of tire specific operational services available to fleet clients who want to improve their tire and wheel maintenance, reduce their costs, and improve safety. It takes advantage of each fleet's use of TireVigil TPMS and integrates the visibility of tire pressure and temperature status along with the labor savings TireVigil provides into the fleet's maintenance program. Other tire maintenance-related services TireStamp provides include: Tire Maintenance Facility Evaluations, Tire Maintenance Processes and Procedures Evaluations, and Tire and Wheel Maintenance/Servicing Training that is required by OSHA.

TireVigil TPMS can go a long to helping fleets reduce their tire problems by providing them with visibility of tire issues long before they become problems and is an essential part of any good tire maintenance program. But having a formal, documented tire maintenance program is vital to ensuring maintenance personnel follow company policies and procedures to attain optimum tire performance and ensure the safety of technicians, mechanics, outsourced tire service providers, drivers as well as the motoring public.

For more information about TireStamp's fleet customized Tire and Wheel Maintenance Program and other tire maintenance related services see or call TireStamp directly at (248) 373-0312.