PureForge wins R&D award for rotors that never wear

PureForge announced that its Atomic-Forged brake rotors have been recognized as the most significant Mechanical Systems innovation of 2013 by R&D Magazine. The prestigious and influential R&D 100 awards are considered the "Oscars of Innovation" and recognize the top 100 technology innovations of the year.

A panel comprised of R&D Magazine editors and industry experts undertake the arduous task of selecting the most innovative 100 achievements from the many worthy candidates submitted each year. A full list of the 2013 award recipients will be showcased in the September/October issue of R&D Magazine. 

"PureForge is honored and humbled to receive this award and recognition. We are blessed to be surrounded by people with great minds and an even greater commitment to making a positive contribution to the world," states Douglas F. Wall, co-founder, CEO and Chairman. "The development of PureForge Atomic-Forged technology began 35 years ago with the groundbreaking work of Nathan K. Meckel our co-founder, President and Chief Technology Officer who says, 'we are not inventors but only discoverers of God's inventions.' So you can only imagine how much we look forward to celebrating the advance of technological innovation with the other R&D 100 award recipients at the awards ceremony on November 7, 2013." 

PureForge brake rotors address some of the most crucial challenges that law enforcement and commercial fleets face today by delivering improved driver safety, better management of shrinking budgets, and significantly reduced environmental degradation as compared with current braking systems. 

PureForge offers its patented Atomic-Forged technology to law enforcement agencies and commercial fleets through an innovative Brakes-as-a-Service (BaaS) model. This model does not require any capital outlay for the PureForge brakes; rather, the brakes and brake maintenance are provided in exchange for a monthly service fee for less than their current average monthly brake maintenance costs. This cost savings allows reallocation of shrinking budget dollars for other critical public safety services.

Dr. Peter Filip, the director of the Center for Advanced Friction Studies at Southern Illinois University - Carbondale and a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Brake Standards Development Committee, performed independent testing of the PureForge brake rotors and stated that, "PureForge rotors enable braking system performance that has previously been unachievable. A combination of stopping power and braking effectiveness that is best in class. I have never seen in my 16 years, a brake rotor and pad combination perform with such exceptional wear resistance and frictional stability as PureForge. This is truly a breakthrough technology and innovation for the braking industry."