Thomas Built Buses offers total cost of ownership calculator

Thomas Built Buses is urging all fleet managers to know their total cost of ownership (TCO).  As the cost for fuel increases and budgets tighten, fleet managers are faced with the tough question of how to lower their bottom line. Now, through the use of the new Thomas Built Buses TCO calculator, fleet managers (across all OEMs) can measure the current TCO of their fleet and take immediate steps to lower their costs.  

The Thomas Built total cost of ownership calculator, which can be used on any brand of bus, is only available through the robust Thomas Built dealer network.  

"Adding newer school buses with better fuel efficiency to your fleet is a great way to save money and increase overall efficiency," said Paul Start, market growth development manager for Thomas Built Buses. "However, we at Thomas Built understand that not all fleets are ready to upgrade to newer buses. So, we want to give fleet managers tools today that they can use to understand and lower their TCO."

When it comes to the cost of a bus, the purchase price of a bus is only the beginning. There are many other factors that affect the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the bus. And when many school systems are keeping buses for up to 20 years, it's important to consider all of the associated costs such as fuel costs, maintenance costs,  parts cost and durability,  corrosion repair, etc.

"Any Thomas Built dealer can now work with a fleet manager to determine what factors most affect a fleet's total cost of ownership, how to better plan for the life cycle of each bus, and what steps can be taken immediately to lower maintenance and fuel costs," said Kelley Platt, CEO of Thomas Built Buses. "Put simply, our goal is to educate every customer on how to run a more cost-effective fleet."