Stertil-Koni USA

Freedom Lift upgraded for higher weight capacities

Stertil-Koni, the leader in heavy duty vehicle lifts -- serving municipalities, transit agencies and corporate fleets throughout North America, as well as the U.S Government -- announced the introduction of three additional models of heavy duty 2-post lifts in its new Freedom Lift series.

The Freedom Lift models just launched have lifting capacities of 20,000 lbs, 26,000 lbs and 30,000 lbs respectively and are designed to provide a combination of peak performance and safety through a symmetrical, open floor design that optimizes workspace in the shop. Similar to the recently introduced 16,000 lbs capacity Freedom Lift, all feature a clean, ergonomic design with wheels-free lifting, telescopic swing arms with a wide range of usability and a footprint that requires no mechanical structure overhead.

Stertil-Koni is in production for the three Freedom Lift models just introduced and is currently taking orders.  These consist of Freedom Lift:

  • SK 2.20 with lifting capacity of 20,000 lbs and lifting time of 58 seconds to maximum height,
  • SK 2.26 with lifting capacity of 26,000 lbs and lifting time of 95 seconds to maximum height, and
  • SK 2.30 with lifting capacity of 30,000 lbs and lifting time of 95 seconds to maximum height.

According to Jean DellAmore, president of Stertil-Koni, "The new models in the Freedom Lift series are ideal for lifting medium duty vehicles, such as utility trucks and road service trucks. The new models are engineered in a direction similar to the recently launched SK 2.16 Freedom Lift, but feature a stronger and thicker frame, which in turn enables the models to lift higher capacities per column."

Safety is ensured by the lifts' open floor design and the independent mechanical locking system – which starts at just eight inches above floor level and continues up the entire height of the lift every 1-1/4". Freedom Lift is also robotically welded for ultimate lifting precision and manufactured with high-grade carbon steel. The maximum lifting height of 77-3/4" is easily achieved and characterized by a smooth synchronization system. For added safety, each member of the Freedom Lift series is third-party tested and validated by ALI/ETL-Intertek.