NAFTC sponsors 64th annual skills competition

Automotive students from across the U.S. gathered in Dearborn, Mich. engaged in a race against the clock.

Beginning with a shotgun start, the student competitors (all paired in two-person teams) raced to their vehicles to review a work order that challenged them to diagnose and repair a number of purposefully placed "bugs" ranging from digital to mechanical and electrical. Once the repairs were completed, it was a race to shut the hood, fire up the engine and steer the vehicle across the finish line – where a scrutinizing judging team awaited.

To earn the National Title, Vale High School earned a "perfect car" score by flawlessly repairing all the "bugs" without any demerits. Combined with the results of a written examination taken on June 10, their score allowed them to hoist the trophy as national champions.

The NAFTC congratulates Logan Boyle, Cody Collins, and the many other winning teams and students in the competition.

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