ABC TV show, ‘The Lookout’ explores importance of auto repair

Audra Fordin and ABC have teamed up to bring a new perspective to Nightlines new series "The Lookout." Fordin, with The Lookout team, share their auto repair experience by guiding a thorough vetting of auto repair shops both personally and as an expert. 

ABC's "The Lookout" is a series where the correspondents use their investigative skills, going undercover or testing trends and products, to help consumers get the most for their money and avoid costly mistakes. The show is focused on self-help fixes, tracking down, testing, hunting down and checking out to reveal the truth.

Fordin, a fourth generation owner/operator/president of Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop, is the founder and CEO of What Women Auto Know. She is an educator and mentor who thrives on empowering women using the website as the vehicle to connect all drivers with educational workshops, maintenance and instilling solid relationships with respected auto technicians. Through the Women Auto Know website, Fordin has made these programs available throughout the country.

Nightline's cameras rolled as Fordin vetted auto repair shops in person under the guise of a woman with little to know about auto repair. She also checked work done by shops to see if they were doing what they were supposed to be doing.

As a rising and vocal advocate in the auto repair world, Fordin is happy to share her message and is available for speaking engagements both regionally and nationally. "Empowering women and all drivers is empowering to me" said Fordin after finishing the shoot. "Being in this position, to diminish the gap between auto shops and consumers is a win on a personal level and a win for the automotive industry as a whole. Though targeted towards women, men engage and find my approach very informative as well. A big thank you to The Lookout team for helping spread the message of empowerment, education, and accountability with their audience."

The Women Auto Know show airs on ABC tonight 10 p.m. EST.