Meritor WABCO OnGuard Collision Mitigation System improves commercial vehicle fleet safety

Test results point to potential 24 percent reduction in fatalities.

The next generation of OnGuard, which includes partial braking capability on detection of stationary objects, will be in production by WABCO in January 2014 in Europe, followed by a North American introduction mid 2014 by Meritor WABCO.

"Meritor WABCO's enduring relationships with our customers and their drivers are based on our ability to meet their safety and economic requirements with robust technology that delivers outstanding performance," added Morrison. "OnGuard's latest functionality, including the ability to brake the vehicle when encountering a stationary object, is another major advancement in commercial vehicle safety that is backed by Meritor WABCO's assurance as the industry leader in CMS."

"UMTRI deserves accolades for devising a unique simulation method that enables the objective assessment of the benefits of collision mitigation systems from the perspective of both avoiding and mitigating crash severity," Morrison said. "We also commend NHTSA for their leadership in addressing crash avoidance technologies."

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