Teach an "old" dad new tricks this Father's Day

Learning how to wash the car from dad is a fond memory for many and a bonding moment between a father and his children. Dad taught you how to wash the car, now teach him a better, greener way to wash the car with Washdrops.

This Father's Day, Washdrops is having a special Facebook promotion: "like" Washdrops on Facebook to receive two free samples of Washdrops – one for you and one for dad (supplies are limited) and for a chance to win a Washdrops gift set.

Washdrops non-toxic solution will not harm plants or the environment as it is biodegradable, non-foaming, solvent-free, butyl free, phosphate free and ammonia free. Read what's being said about Washdrops:

"Washdrops leaves behind a shiny clean surface without having to endlessly rinse or even needing a second wash. It worked well on his super salty and grimy car, even getting the wheels squeaky clean. I'm totally a convert." - Kelly Whalen of The Cent$ible Life

"Even my husband took a step back and mentioned that he was impressed with how well Washdrops cleaned." - Heather of Our Kids Mom

"Finally… there is a quick, easy and environmentally responsible way to wash your vehicle! Washdrops leaves a beautiful shine! I was amazed at how well the Washdrops cleaned the car. The car was cleaned much better than it was with regular car cleaning products we buy from the store. The best part was we saved a ton of water and my children had fun." - Leroy Coffie of Daddy Waddy Weeviews

Washdrops requires just one bucket of water to wash any average size vehicle, and at approximately 70 cents per wash, costs much less than a commercial car wash. Washdrops requires no hose or rinsing at all; the proprietary scientific formula lifts dirt and grime without scratching vehicles or washing away surface wax. While the science is complex, cleaning a car with Washdrops is easy: simply use a wet sponge to wash away dirt and debris and then wipe dry for a streak free shine. Afterward, you may pour the remaining water on flower beds, grass or down the drain.