Bosch Automotive offers plugless EV charging system

Bosch announces exclusive distribution and installation agreement with Evatran Group Inc.

Arfi, an EDTA board member, will be speaking at the EDTA conference on Tuesday, June 11 in a session titled “Charging Networks.” He will join industry executives discussing the expansion of public charging for EVs and the potential of subscription-based services for drivers.

Hough will also speak at the conference on Wednesday, June 12 in a session titled “Off the Wall: Alternative Charging.” She will join industry executives for a discussion on emerging charging technologies for applications outside of the home and workplace.

Bosch will begin taking advance orders; customers can call 877-805-3873 to place an order. The Plugless L2 System will begin shipping in early July, with initial customers receiving their charging station in mid to late July.

More information on the Plugless L2, financing options and other Bosch Automotive Service Solutions EV charging stations and installation services can be found at

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