Expertise of Schneider national safety leaders nationally recognized

With roughly two million 40-ton tractor-trailers crisscrossing North America's highways each day, the potential for danger - and damage - is great; yet we rely on trucks to move almost 80 percent of the goods we need daily. Schneider National, a premier provider of truckload, logistics and intermodal services, works hard to keep our roads safe while making effective supply chain management possible each and every day. To recognize this commitment and expertise, two of Schneider's senior safety leaders have recently received national acclaim for demonstrating excellence in their field.

Tom DiSalvi, Schneider's director of safety and loss prevention, received the National Safety Professional Award of Excellence from the American Trucking Associations' Safety Management Council. Each year, this prestigious award is presented to individuals who have dedicated their careers to safety and have excelled in implementing safety policies, procedures, plans and programs; monitoring their progress; and managing safety training.

"Tom DiSalvi epitomizes why this award was created," noted Susan Chandler, executive director of the Safety Management Council of American Trucking Associations. "With two decades of safety-related experience, he has proven himself to be a tireless advocate of safety - never shy about seeking out, analyzing and adopting new technologies and programs to reduce accidents and injuries. Because he is often one of the 'first on the block' to test the latest and greatest, he is an expert on a number of technologies, data records and health and wellness. He is a true resource and friend of the industry."

In addition, Don Osterberg, Schneider's senior vice president of safety, security and driver training, was invited to join the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee. Established in 2006, the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee is charged with providing information, advice and recommendations to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the lead regulatory body for the trucking industry.

"Schneider National was built on a set of core values from which we've never wavered, with 'safety first and always' at the top of the list," said Chris Lofgren, Schneider's president and CEO. "Both Don and Tom walk the talk when it comes to safety and are tireless advocates for improving public safety. We are extremely proud to have such distinguished safety professionals on our team."