Bendix supports efforts of CVSA Roadcheck

Roadcheck was founded in 1988 with the goal to improve safety on North America's roadways.

"Brakes, like other commercial vehicle components, always function at their best when replacement parts are held to the specific standards engineered by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)," Ganaway said. "Performance issues and other problems often occur when non-OEM parts are introduced into a system." Particularly in the case of relining today's higher performing drum brakes – designed to meet federal reduced stopping distance requirements – incorrect or inferior replacement friction material is likely to reduce performance, wear out faster and create a safety hazard. Replacing with high performance friction is essential.

The ever-growing portfolio of Bendix technology developments delivers on safety, plus other areas critical to fleets' success. By improving vehicle performance and efficiency while providing unparalleled technical support, Bendix strengthens its customers' return on investment in the advanced equipment and technology that leads to safer roadways for everyone.

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