I-CAR updates steel selectioning test

To more closely represent common structural repair procedures and provide a training and qualification experience that enables collision repair professionals to prove and improve on their skills, I-CAR has introduced several enhancements to its Steel Sectioning Qualification Test (SPS05). 

Enhancements include updated rail design, material thickness and welds. I-CAR Technical Director, Jason Bartanen stated, "A technician's ability to properly perform sectioning
procedures extends well beyond the shop floor. Improper repairs can impact the structural integrity of the vehicle, passenger safety and airbag performance."

Bartanen continued, "The Steel Sectioning Qualification Testis an excellent way to help verify thattechnicians are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to improve their in-shop performance and to reinforce the importance of following proper repair procedures."

A unique benefit to this training experience is that the training and testing take place in-shop, allowing students to use the tools and equipment that they work with regularly. 

During the course, technicians will be able to demonstrate their measuring, cutting and GMA (MIG) welding skills while sectioning steel structural parts. Each student will completely section a rail made from thin and thick steels and perform welding joints as he/she would on the repair floor.

Throughout the course, the student uses a true-to-life body repair manual as a guide to meeting repair specifications.