Schneider National receives 2012 CargoNet Best in Security Award

Schneider National, Inc., a provider of truckload, logistics and intermodal services, was recently recognized by CargoNet with its 2012 Best in Security Award. The inaugural award recognizes CargoNet members that have demonstrated best practices in cargo security through the use of the CargoNet program in addition to their own current security protocols.

CargoNet is the cargo theft database and information-sharing division of Verisk Crime Analytics. Verisk Crime Analytics is a leading provider of crime prevention services for retailers, manufacturers, logistics companies, equipment owners and insurance companies and offers data and analytical support to law enforcement. The company provides a comprehensive suite of data management, analytic and theft prevention services that include prediction, mitigation, response and recovery.

"Schneider's credible reputation, the way it conducts business and its extensive presence in the security and safety arena are highly impressive," said Anthony Canale, general manager, CargoNet. "The company is heavily involved in industry-related security councils, seminars and regulatory matters. Schneider's dedicated cargo security team is always connected to law enforcement and is continually seeking new ways to improve security protocols to protect valued freight."

Safety and security have long been Schneider's top priorities. For the sixth consecutive year, Schneider has reported declines in cargo theft rates. It recently announced a 40 percent decrease in 2012 full-truckload thefts and a 50 percent reduction in total value per load stolen. For a company that moves almost three million loads of freight each year, Schneider has achieved a reduction from 25 load thefts in 2006 to just eight in 2012.

"Schneider's ongoing commitment to controlling risk has led to great success over the years," said Walt Fountain, CPP, CSP, CCSP, director of safety and enterprise security for Schneider National. "We're always looking for new and improved security solutions, not only for the company itself but also for shippers. From contingency planning and investment in security technology such as trailer-tracking devices to cargo security training and situational awareness for drivers, security is always at the forefront. It's an honor to be recognized by CargoNet."