UView Ultraviolet Systems

UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc. meets and complies with SAE J2911 for dyes

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has recognized UView Ultraviolet
Systems Inc. as being compliant with the new standard, J2911, UView reported. UView claims it is the first dye manufacturer ever to do so. The new standard requires manufacturers to register and verify their claims with third party test data, and also features a challenge process.

Tony Ferraro, president of UView, said: “We are proud to be the world’s first dye manufacturer to comply with SAE J2911. It is beneficial for us to publicly verify the data that proves the high quality of our dye. It is our hope that all manufacturers claiming to have obtained J-2297 will seek to comply with J2911 as well.”

This new standard brings much needed transparency to the competitive landscape.
Historically, UView noted it has been too easy to claim that a dye is compliant with SAE J-2297. Now, each claim must be backed with third party data. Each manufacturer can
also file an opposition to SAE if they feel a competitors data is questionable.

This standard effects not only leak detection but also recovery, recycle equipment, electronic leak detectors and refrigerant purity analysers.

The following database is publically available to see what products are proven to be compliant with the rigorous standards of the SAE: http://macdb.sae.org.