Cummins announces engine lineup for refuse market

Clean diesel and natural gas engines are included.

The ISL G is available with ratings from 250 hp to 320 hp (186-239 kW) and shares a full-skirted block with Cummins ISL9 diesel engine, for greater reliability and superior durability. Cummins Westport's ISX12 G is based on Cummins ISX12 diesel and offers ratings from 320 hp to 350 hp (239-261 kW) with up to 1450 lb-ft torque (1966 Nm). Options such as engine braking and a choice of automatic or manual transmission make the ISX12 G an ideal heavy duty natural gas engine. Limited production began in April, with full production starting in August.

Both the ISX12 G and ISL G are EPA 2013 certified, and also meet the 2014 GHG and fuel efficiency standards. In addition, the ISX12 G and ISL G can operate on compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) or renewable natural gas (RNG), making them the natural choice for refuse natural gas vehicles.

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