Waste Industries rolls out DriveCam solution to entire fleet

DriveCam, Inc., a global driver risk management company, announced that Waste Industries has selected its driver management program for a fleet-wide rollout. As one of the top 12 solid waste and recycling companies in the U.S., Waste Industries joins other industry leaders that trust the DriveCam solution to lead their driver-safety initiative. Some Waste Industries sites are also deploying DriveCam's fleet tracking solution for driver compliance.

"We evaluated the safety solutions that were working well in our industry and the unequivocal choice was DriveCam," said Pam Schaard, director of information technology at Waste Industries. "The results from our trial rollout were so positive, and the process so smooth, that we made the decision to implement the system fleet-wide as quickly as possible."

"The DriveCam solution and information provided continually improves driving behavior and reduces collisions, allowing us to focus on our number one operating value – safety," said Greg Yorston, senior vice president at Waste Industries. "Because of these results, DriveCam is ideal for waste operations, and takes us to the next level in ensuring safety within our communities."

"The waste industry is a key focus area for DriveCam, one which we believe could benefit substantially from our core driver management solution by helping to increase safety while decreasing associated operating costs," said Brandon Nixon, chairman and CEO of DriveCam. "We look forward to working closely with Waste Industries to help them achieve their safety goals fleet-wide."

The DriveCam program addresses safety by combining data and video analytics with real-time driver feedback and coaching, resulting in reductions in collision costs and fuel consumption. DriveCam's solution uses its Driver Science Engine, which utilizes the company's patented, iterative process of scoring, prioritizing and tracking the results of driving behaviors. This model identifies behavioral improvement opportunities for increased safety.

Fleets manage the DriveCam Program through DriveCam Online, a web-based online portal. Seamlessly integrated into DriveCam's DC3 video event recorder and the DriveCam Online reporting solution, DriveCam's Fuel Management Solution combines real-time, in-cab feedback with online reporting and coaching to improve fuel efficiency – by up to 12 percent – and lower emissions. Unlike other vehicle-centric fuel solutions, DriveCam's solution focuses on the driver – specifically on the three driving behaviors that have the greatest impact on fuel efficiency: efficient or "smooth" driving, idling and speeding.