Comdata launches FleetAdvance software

Comdata Corporation announced the unveiling of FleetAdvance, a new program that utilizes real-time transaction data to help fleet customers make smarter purchasing decisions, better manage fuel costs and improve driver behavior.

Comdata research shows that drivers could have found a lower fuel price on fuel purchases 54 percent of the time. Comdata's comprehensive data will help customers identify these opportunities for fuel savings. By providing simple, actionable information in real time, customers will have greater insight into transactions the moment they occur, with the ability to take immediate steps to drive savings.

"FleetAdvance demonstrates our commitment to payment innovation in the fleet industry, providing additional value to what is already the most trusted fuel transaction," said Randy Morgan, executive vice president, Comdata. "This is another example of how Comdata provides transparency to our customers as their trusted, independent partner."

FleetAdvance includes the ability to score each fuel transaction as it occurs, comparing the net price paid to the price that could have been paid at other nearby locations. For each transaction that falls outside established score guidelines, Comdata can send an immediate email or text message notification. Additionally, all transactions can be monitored via a web-based console that tracks purchasing activity and provides key information in real time.

"Comdata introduced real-time fuel management to the fleet industry in 1981 and again revolutionized the industry with the one-card solution in 2000," said Morgan. "With FleetAdvance, we are once again setting a new standard for successful fuel transactions in the transportation industry."