American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM)

AAM to present EcoTrac all wheel drive technology at exhibition

The global demand for all-wheel drive (AWD) is on the rise. AAM's industry-first EcoTrac Disconnecting AWD system uses the latest technology to efficiently meet that need-offering the convenience and fuel economy of a front-wheel-drive vehicle with the stability and safety of an AWD system. 

On Thursday, May 16, Christopher Phelps, Director, Product Engineering at AAM, will give a presentation at Car Training Institute's "Innovative Automotive Transmissions, Hybrid & Electric Drives" Symposium and Exhibition in Rochester, Mich.

During his presentation, Phelps will discuss how many of the components which comprise current AWD systems "go along for the ride" in normal driving. These components are accelerated to and from high rotational velocities, and maintained at those velocities, throughout the vehicle drive cycle. The components, including seals, bearings, and geartrains, represent a considerable amount of rotational inertia and drag on the vehicle. AAM's EcoTrac Disconnecting AWD system represents a new approach to minimizing the effect of this inertia and drag by disconnecting many of the rotating components from the driveline.

"We are pleased to present AAM's industry-first EcoTrac AWD technology at the CTI Symposium," said AAM vice president, product engineering & development, Philip R. Guys. "AAM provides highly competitive AWD solutions for a full range of vehicles, from today's passenger cars and light trucks to tomorrow's hybrid and electric vehicles. Our AWD system is a result of AAM's commitment and dedication to technology leadership."