Productivity is top focus for U.S. truck fleets, says survey

Forty-four percent of fleet managers cited maximizing productivity as their primary concern in managing their company's truck fleet, according to a recent survey conducted by GE Capital Fleet Services.

Highlighting fleet managers' increased focus on keeping operating expenses in check, additional concerns include meeting cost savings goals (24 percent) and understanding the impact of new vehicle technologies, such as alternative fuel vehicles (20 percent).

When fleet managers were asked to name the single most important area of focus in maximizing fleet productivity, 29 percent cited specifying the right truck for the job. Similarly, 22 percent said specifying the right truck was the most important service their fleet management company could provide. The next most important areas cited were tracking downtime and reducing total cost of ownership (both 18 percent).

"Unexpected downtime can result in lost time and money, and cause unnecessary difficulties for fleet managers and drivers alike," said Ken Gillies, manager of truck purchasing and engineering for GE Capital Fleet Services. "Our truck engineers make it a priority to help our customers find the right truck for the job, which will in turn help them minimize downtime and maximize productivity."