Goodyear Storm Priority FAQ

Q: What fleets can participate in Goodyear Storm Priority?

A: Goodyear Storm Priority is available to utility fleets of all sizes and configurations. Goodyear National Account fleets have automatic access to the Storm Priority program.

Q: Is there a fee associated with using Goodyear Storm Priority?

A: Like all of the business solutions, services and tools offered through Goodyear-FleetHQ, there is no charge associated with Goodyear Storm Priority for our Goodyear National Account or Preferred Fleet customers. 

Q: A severe weather incident occurs and a responding utility fleet experiences tire damage (such as a debris-induced flat) that requires assistance from Goodyear Storm Priority. What happens next?

A: The fleet will call a dedicated line (1-855-STORMHQ). That call will be immediately routed to the 24/7 Goodyear-FleetHQ Solutions Center, where tire professionals will capture vital information, including the location of the downed truck or trucks. Then they will locate and dispatch a tire service technician from the nearest participating Goodyear commercial truck tire dealer to the truck’s location. The dealer will address the utility truck’s tire condition and help the truck return to service as quickly as possible.

Q: Can Goodyear Storm Priority users access other Goodyear-FleetHQ solutions?

A: Yes, Goodyear Storm Priority users can access other Goodyear-FleetHQ solutions, depending on the unique needs of their operations.

Q: Why should utility fleets entrust their tire needs to Goodyear Storm Priority and Goodyear-FleetHQ?

A: Goodyear-FleetHQ has the industry expertise and on-the-ground experience to help get utility trucks up and running quickly. Since its inception, Goodyear-FleetHQ has helped put more than 750,000 trucks of all types and applications back on the road. In addition, Goodyear-FleetHQ has the best roll-time in the industry: two hours and 11 minutes, from the moment a truck driver notifies Goodyear-FleetHQ to the moment his or her truck is back on the road.