Convenient, 24/7 online course at satisfies DOT training requirement

Auto dealers, OEMs, body shops and parts & service operations must know and comply with complex Federal regulations when shipping the many hazardous products they deal with each day. Federal law requires all employees involved in preparing hazmat shipments to complete training once every three years and fines for noncompliance are as high as $75,000 per day, per violation (49 CFR 172, Subpart H).

Shipping errors commonly occur when auto parts shippers do not realize their packages are hazardous. Products like airbag modules, batteries, engines, shocks, struts, seatbelt pretensioners, used fuel pumps, paints, A/C refrigerants and fluid concentrate are all regulated as hazardous materials by the U.S. DOT. Effective training is critical to ensure these hazmat packages are safe, compliant and ready to ship.

To help auto parts shippers satisfy their U.S. DOT training requirement without leaving the shop or putting projects on hold, Lion Technology offers the Hazmat Shipping for Automotive Parts & Service Operations online course. Designed specifically for the automotive industry and available 24/7, the easy-to-use online course simplifies the complex language of specific regulations manufacturers and shipping personnel must know to ship auto parts in full compliance with the latest DOT and IATA rules.

Students benefit from an expertly designed curriculum, Lion Technology's resources and references, and flexible 24/7 access that allows them to fit the training into a busy work schedule, with progress tracked and saved automatically throughout.

Parts managers and their teams gain the knowledge and skills needed to classify, name, package, mark, label, load, unload, placard, and document hazmat shipments for transport by ground and air.