Ohio clean fuel provider and certified conversion center joins Alliance AutoGas

Arrick's Propane has joined Alliance AutoGas as both a propane autogas fuel provider and certified conversion center, helping fleets in southern Ohio, northeast Kentucky and southwestern West Virginia switch to clean fuel through the Alliance program. Arrick's will provide fleets with autogas vehicle conversions, using bi-fuel systems from global autogas technology leader Prins, as well as year-round fueling, on-site fuel station installations, safety training and ongoing technical support.

"Joining Alliance AutoGas allows us bring the world's most widely used alternative fuel, propane autogas, to more fleets in our service area," says Josh Arrick, business development manager for Arrick's Propane. "Operating on propane autogas is a smart move for fleets, plain and simple, because it's clean, affordable, dependable and American made. We're even switching our own vehicles to run on autogas."

Alliance AutoGas provides the only complete program in America that helps fleets run vehicles on propane autogas. Alliance has exclusive U.S. distribution rights for Prins autogas systems, including the bi-fuel Prins VSI system, which offers fleets versatility, increased vehicle range and peace of mind.

"As part of Alliance AutoGas, Arrick's Propane is now a one-stop shop for reliable autogas fuel supply and in-house vehicle conversions for fleets in three states," says Stuart Weidie, president of Alliance AutoGas and founder of Autogas for America. "Alliance is continually expanding, gathering our nation's top clean fuel providers and automotive experts to help fleets across the country run on domestic clean fuel at an affordable price."

Fleets currently save upwards of $2 per gallon on fuel costs by filling up with propane autogas versus gasoline. Autogas-powered vehicles also release significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions and harmful pollutants than gasoline or diesel vehicles; and, unlike many alternative fuels, autogas delivers similar performance and driving range. Ninety-eight percent of the U.S. autogas supply is made in America, so autogas fleets are contributing to our nation's energy security.

Family-owned for three generations, Arrick's Propane began as a part-time propane tank delivery service with one truck in 1952, and today has grown to include six retail offices and six satellite bulk plants, 25 delivery bobtails, two semi transports and more than 50 employees. The company motto is: "Large Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Care," and Arrick's loyalty to customers and dedication to providing the best possible service sets the company apart from competitors. Locations include Lucasville, Ironton, Peebles and Proctorville, Ohio, as well as South Portsmouth and Grayson, Ky. Visit www.arrickspropane.com for more information.