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Pro-Cut extends TrainSMART program to Wyotech schools

Pro-Cut recently partnered with Wyotech, one of the largest training schools in the industry. With locations from California to Florida, Wyotech educates hundreds of students annually. With Pro-Cut in their curriculum, easy access to our local Representatives and support from Pro-Cut headquarters, Pro-Cut said they are "positive" that Wyotech students will leave with the best Pro-Cut rotor matching training they can possibly have.

Each Wyotech facility in the US is now a TrainSMART location. Pro-Cut's new TrainSMART program offers rotor matching training for technicians sent from current customers, shop owners and foremen who may be interested in investing in an on-car brake lathe, as well as automotive students and instructors. Local Pro-Cut Reps will bring in technicians from their area for training classes. Wyotech has offered access to classrooms as well as a shop bay to ensure that the TrainSMART attendees receive the highest level of training possible.

"We are pleased to be partnered with Wyotech," said Bruce Prince, vice president of sales. "We have been talking to them for a couple of years now, and now that we can partner with them for our new TrainSMART program, we are really excited. What a great school to be working