I-CAR clarifies response to automotive groups on OEM repair procedures

Automotive groups in 2011 requested I-CAR position on OEM repair procedures.

I-CAR is well placed and equipped to contribute to the breadth of this work. I-CAR’s inter-industry and neutral charter provides the unbiased perspective required.

Additionally, I-CAR will contribute: 1) Through its broad access to industry “Voice of the Customer” feedback and data; 2) By coordinating topic-specific Inter-Industry advisory councils of Subject Matter Expert’s to assess, define and recommend repair best practices; 3) By increasing the work I-CAR already does as a technical liaison with OEMs, and 4)
By providing increased accessibility to the information the industry requires to perform complete and safe repairs.

All of this work was integral to I-CAR’s final proposed solution, and is work the I-CAR board believes is valuable to the collision repair Inter-Industry.

We trust this clarifies I-CAR’s position and intentions.

To the extent that this position should be communicated to other interested parties, you are authorized to communicate or publish this position, so long as it is communicated or published in its entirety.

With thanks and respect for all that your organizations do for the industry, and with our personal regards for your efforts, and on behalf of I-CAR and the I-CAR board of directors.

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