Shell research busts myths about drivers' views of fuel efficiency

Announces U.S. launch of Target One Million to help develop smarter drivers.

Appropriately, Shell announced this new program and the research findings on fuel efficiency at the seventh annual Shell Eco-marathon Americas running this weekend in Downtown HoU.S.ton. Phillips added, "Shell Eco-marathon isn't about breaking speed records or racing other teams to the finish line, instead, the competition honors the students who go furthest the least amount of energy."

Fuel efficiency experts John and Helen Taylor , also known as the world's most fuel efficient couple, are helping launch theTarget One Million initiative at the event.

"We are thrilled American motorists want to learn how to drive more fuel efficiently and be kinder to their wallets at the same time," said Helen Taylor. "The Shell Smarter Driving Challenge mini-game is a fun way to learn, without taking too much time. Learning to be a smarter driver doesn't have to be a hassle--it's easy!"

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