Connected cars: new market for 4G carriers

As smartphones begin to approach market saturation – and with smartphone shipments forecast to account for two-thirds of all phone shipments by 2017, this point is rapidly approaching – carriers will need to seek out new sources of revenue. Upselling services and increasing bandwidth caps may provide some cover in the short term, but long term solutions will only come from new technologies, new implementations and new markets.

The connected car segment is shaping up to be one such new market. A recent article in Forbes points to AT&T's deal with GM, lining up to provide 4G LTE connectivity across most of the 2015 fleets for Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac. This is just the sort of new-market strategy that will keep major carriers growing, even as their traditional consumer mobile device markets slow.

Global Information Inc. offers three new market research reports from Juniper Research highlighting this trend and more, as the connected car market reaches maturity and becomes a major source of revenue for carriers, semiconductor manufacturers and software and service providers alike.

Connected Car Market 2013-2018

With consumer demands and government mandates driving the connected car market, industry experts believe the connected car will be the "next big thing" for the automotive industry. Future generations of cars and devices will rely more on cloud-based backend systems for content, information and services, turning the car as we know it into a huge data repository, opening new avenues of business opportunities for service industries and content providers.

The global connected car market shipments are expected to reach 59.86 million units and likely to reach $98.42 billion by 2018. The market presents direct revenue channel from applications, services and content and experts believe that software and apps will become a major revenue generator. Software can help keep older cars competitive and up-to-date for years past release, essentially tied to the regular maintenance of the vehicle.

The question of how much automotive companies will open up their systems for third party developers remains unanswered, but for an exploration of this issue and much more, review the report's highlights and get free sample pages at

Connected Cars: Automotive Telematics & In-Vehicle Infotainment 2013-2017

This report is an essential guide to the fast-moving connected cars market, offering executives, product managers and marketers an in-depth assessment of emerging business and service models and an exploration of the impact of regulatory and industry initiatives on service deployments.

Contained within the report is an analysis of key trends across both consumer and commercial automotive telematics, exploring the evolution and monetization of services from vehicle tracking to in-vehicle infotainment, from stolen vehicle recovery to insurance telematics. Backed by extensive research and over 6,300 data points, the report also includes a series of strategic recommendations from analysts to help OEMs, operators and service providers capitalize on the opportunities within the automotive telematics space.

This report covers a wide swath of the industry; to view a full table of contents, or to download free sample pages from the full report, visit

Connected Cars IFxl 2013-2017

This enhanced Excel workbook, with 53 tables and over 6300 data points, provides a deep, detailed breakdown and forecast for the connected cars market across the entire globe, broken into eight regions with country level splits for Canada, US, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, U.K. and China.

This report is designed to offer the comprehensive analytical tools readers will need to enrich their understanding of the market and provides access to a full suite of forecast data. While the report provides detailed forecasts, all data points are provided for readers to map their own forecasts and develop their market strategies.

Separate forecasts are provided for consumer and commercial vehicles, covering service adoption levels, costs, revenues, insurance telematics premiums and revenue share data, in-vehicle infotainment app downloads and revenues and much more.

Read more or request a free sample from the full report at