WABCO supplies air compression technology to two manufacturers

WABCO Holdings Inc. announced that it is now supplying its breakthrough c-comp compressor with integrated clutch to two leading global manufacturers of commercial vehicles.

WABCO's c-comp features the industry's most compact compressor design available, combining high-performance and best-in-class-efficiency. This technology from WABCO also supports engines that meet upcoming EURO VI emission standards, contributing to improved environmental sustainability. Furthermore, WABCO plans to introduce its innovative c-comp compressors to the North American market during 2013.

Two global original equipment manufacturers, headquartered inEurope, in January 2013 began installing WABCO's c-comp on their European heavy-duty trucks and buses, fulfilling their requirements for a reliable and robust compressor that also delivers significant fuel savings.

"We are proud to announce these two major customer adoptions of our industry-leading, compact air compressor with integrated clutch for volume production," said Nikhil Varty, WABCO president, Americas. "These latest customer awards continue to demonstrate WABCO's differentiation through breakthrough innovations that offer dual benefits of enhanced vehicle efficiency and lower operating costs."

WABCO's breakthrough c-comp air compressor technology optimally disengages the compressor through a pneumatic signal when no air is needed, allowing fuel savings up to 145 gallons (550 liters) annually in long haul operations of 125,000 miles (200,000 km) in typical North American driving conditions.

The c-comp has a simple on-off control and only draws power from the engine during the pumping phase, switching off completely during the long off-load phase. This leads to a significant reduction of the compressor's overall energy demand. It also reduces maintenance costs due to lower carbonization and at the same time, enhances driver comfort due to reduced noise levels.