Peterbilt Motors Company

Peterbilt makes enhancements to Model 587's interior

Peterbilt Motors Company introduced a new cab interior for the aerodynamic Model 587. The new interior design optimizes the driving experience with increased driver comfort and efficiency features.

"Our customers expect the highest quality products from Peterbilt, and the new Model 587 interior represents our passion for continuous improvement and purposeful innovation," said Bill Kozek, Peterbilt General Manager and PACCAR Vice President. "This exciting interior design focuses on what our customers have asked for: reliability, comfort, safety and ease of operation."

The Model 587 dash brow has been re-contoured and lowered to provide exceptional forward visibility for a wide range of driver height profiles. In addition, the dash shape has been optimized to bring switches, controls and storage to within easy reach of the driver and help reduce distractions.

"From a design perspective, we focused on the touch points," said Landon Sproull, Peterbilt Chief Engineer. "Hundreds of drivers were interviewed and measured during the research and development to ensure this new cab environment meets their needs."

For example, the Model 587 also features new gauges positioned to maximize usability. The new 5" color Driver Information Display communicates critical vehicle operational information to the driver. Also, the driver package provides an outstanding command position and includes an efficient pedal design with floor-mounted feel and actuation, as well as a new air over hydraulic clutch system that reduces pedal effort by fifty percent. Also new to the Model 587 is all-LED interior lighting, which dramatically extends bulb life and reduces battery power requirements.

"The gauges are easy to read, providing critical vehicle information to the driver," said Sproull. "Everything from the dash shape to the position of the switches and gauges to the lighting has been designed for safety, comfort, and improved productivity."

The new Model 587 is available in two trim levels, Prestige and the premium Platinum, which includes standard power windows and door locks, and standard heated mirrors. There is also an optional premium steering wheel that includes audio and cruise control functions.

"Overall, the new Model 587 interior enhances driver comfort and improves operational efficiency, which goes directly to our customer's bottom line," said Kozek. "The Model 587, based on a 2.3 meter wide cab, is an excellent vehicle for carriers who require the additional space inherent to integrated cab and sleeper designs."