UView Ultraviolet Systems

"UV Light Index" helps choose the right light to spot the leak dye

UView Ultraviolet Systems Inc. announced the introduction of a new PoweRating index for UV lighting. This new rating assigns a score to a UV lights output. As a new way of properly measuring UV light output and performance, the new UV PoweRating system accurately measures and scores the performance of a UV light in the real world environment of UV leak detection.

To put it into more technical terms, using a weighted scale, the UV PoweRating quantifies a UV light’s output within a given range of wavelengths in order to produce a numeric score similar to the way lumens are calculated for visible light. This score directly identifies how effective a UV light is at fluorescing leak detection dye.

The UV PoweRating index is a valuable reference tool, as it provides a level, unbiased benchmark against which all UV lights can be tested.

"We saw the need in the leak detection industry for an accurate, scientific method of quantifying a UV light’s real world performance," said Matthew Otten, product marketing specialist at UView. "Using a proven statistical approach, our engineers delivered the UV PoweRating Index. It takes the guesswork out of leak detection light performance." 

This new system is intended to be adopted as an industry standard to objectively compare the performance and value of UV leak detection lights. For more information, be sure to visit UView.com

Look for the PoweRating symbol. Remember, the higher the score, the better the light!