Mack Trucks, Inc.

Mack delivers greater power, fuel efficiency with Mack MP8 Econodyne+ engine

Mack Trucks introduced the newest generation of the Mack Econodyne family, the Mack MP8 Econodyne+, a powerful and high-performing engine ideal for on-highway customers who require additional muscle to move their loads.

The 13-liter MP8 Econodyne + engine is available in Mack Pinnacle models and offers 505 horsepower with 1,860 lb.-ft. of torque when operating in either of the top two gears. This maximizes fuel efficiency while also providing the necessary power to help drivers conquer long and steep grades.        

When ascending a steep incline, engine rpms drop to around peak torque output. When a driver is applying 100 percent throttle and the rpms reach 1300, Mack's intelligent torque management strategy, called EconoBoost, kicks in, providing the driver with an additional 200 lb.-ft. of torque, enabling the truck to remain in top gear for a longer time period until the hill is crested. Drivers get more torque at lower engine speeds, allowing the vehicle to remain in higher gears for an extended period of time, resulting in greater fuel efficiency. 

"Customers demanded greater power, and we delivered it with the advanced MP8 engine platform," said David McKenna, Mack director of powertrain sales and marketing. "Mack customers working in mountainous areas requiring higher torque output can remain in top gear for longer, supplying more power and preserving fuel economy."

The Mack MP ClearTech engine series is comprised of highly fuel-efficient and clean-running engines with near-zero emissions.

"Mack has a heritage of offering fully integrated and customized solutions to our customers for diverse applications," McKenna said. "Econodyne + is another way Mack is tailoring advanced technology to help our customers get the job done in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible."