Kenworth launches new T880 vocational truck

The T880 features a panoramic windshield for enhanced visibility, quiet cab with its triple-sealed and robust doors, five-piece hood for easier and faster repairs, air-assisted hydraulic clutch, complex reflector headlamps, excellent maneuverability and...

Hood and Bumper: The new vocational hood is made of Metton, which is a lightweight, durable composite material with excellent impact resistance and finished surface. The hood, which offers easier and faster repair, is offered in two configurations, both with bolt-on fenders. The T880 is available in a 116.5" BBC. It also is available in a 122.5" BBC standard length. Both include a 5-piece Metton hood. The stylish, signature Kenworth grille is made from corrosion- resistant aluminum wire mesh for superior protection of cooling system components. The grille's surround is made of polished stainless steel. With the advanced hood assist system, lifting the hood requires just 35 lbs. of opening force. To aid in easy serviceability and replacements, the T880 is available with all the current T800 metal bumpers.

Lighting: The T880 is standard with dual lamp complex reflector headlamps, which offer best in industry headlamp performance at a lower cost and more durable package. All standard exterior lights utilize LED technology that provides a 20,000-hour life, which equates to about 15 years of truck life. LED lights are also used extensively in the cab and sleeper.

T880 Vocational Options: The T880 is available with five new, factory-installed and lightweight Watson & Chalin lift axles, including a 10K offering for the first time and a 20K version with a 200-lb weight savings. Also offered are new steering gears for improved steering feedback and increased wheelcut for greater maneuverability. 

Driver Performance Center: The Driver Performance Center uses a full-color, high-resolution, 5" Thin Film Transistor display screen, which includes current truck information, diagnostic data, and pop-up alerts. The Center also displays situational-specific recommendations, which help improve vehicle performance. 

HVAC System: With industry-leading standard Automatic Temperature Control, simply set the desired temperature, and the system maintains it. A one-touch feature provides maximum defrost. These features help keep drivers comfortable while maintaining their focus on driving. 

Seats: The Kenworth proprietary seats offer an advanced air suspension system that automatically adjusts to various driver weights. A full range of seat comfort is available to meet driver-specific preferences. For the T880, Kenworth offers the DuraSupreme heavy duty seat fabric in charcoal, gray and tan.

Kenworth Dash: The dash cluster has an easy-to-read layout with nine standard gauges and 12 additional gauges available. The switches utilize the toggling feature that drivers prefer, while maintaining rocker switch functionality. The T880 uses new electric-over-air dash switches introduced on the T680, and offers additional options to aid with vocational and body builder requirements. The Kenworth dash includes Kenworth NavPlus – with hands-free cell phone capability via Bluetooth connections and voice commands. NavPlus is standard with premium interior trim.

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