Gabriel now directly distributes to HD aftermarket suppliers and distributors

The Original Gabriel (Ride Control, LLC), the originator of the world's first automotive shock absorber in 1907 and a leading full-line supplier of light vehicle and heavy-duty OE and aftermarket shocks and struts announces that it is now distributing its Fleetline and GasSLX products directly to heavy-duty (HD) aftermarket suppliers and distributors.

The company has competitive pricing and product programs in place that provide new opportunities for Gabriel HD customers to grow sales. The company believes in supplying its customers with the finest quality and service available.

"Serving the HD aftermarket directly has been our goal for some time. HD customers will receive excellent service through Gabriel's long-established distribution system and know-how," said Lisa Bahash, president and CEO, Gabriel (Ride Control LLC). "We especially welcome direct interaction with our heavy-duty aftermarket customers."

Gabriel heavy-duty OE replacement coverage is second to none and its products are proven in the heavy-duty market having withstood the tough demands of realworld use for over half a century.

The Gabriel HD lineup includes Fleetline 83000 series shocks for class 3-6 vehicles, Fleetline 85000 series for class 6-8 trucks, buses and trailers, Fleetline cab shocks, and GasSLX, an adjustable shock for class 7-8 trucks and buses.

"No one knows or cares more about Gabriel products than we do," said Michael Lipski, vice president, sales and marketing, Gabriel. "As the manufacturer, we bring engineering expertise acquired over decades and extensive marketing support capabilities. We also bring the entrepreneurial heritage of the company that invented the first shock absorber for automotive use – we call it our 'independent spirit.'"