Dill launches consumer and technician TPMS educational videos

Dill Air Controls is answering the digital training call with the launch of its new Tire Pressure Monitoring System video series at www.dillvalves.com. The videos are designed to narrow the gap between the consumer and the selling associate as well as provide technical aptitude and confidence for the technician in the bay. 

An example of one of these videos, this one on changing TPMS sensors, can be viewed by clicking here.

"Our ultimate goal is to share expertise about the TPMS category with installers of sensors and valve stems, as well as to provide a resource that can be used to reach drivers and inform them of the importance of maintaining this safety system on their vehicle," said Tyson Boyer, with Dill Air Controls.

The first series consists of six videos separated into two sub-categories. Each video delivers a 2-3 minute "How to" realistic approach on key topics of the category. The following are the categories along with the video titles:

Consumer Focused

  • What do Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems do
  • Understanding how the Tire Pressure Monitoring System works

Technician Focused

  • How to identify a Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • How to inspect a Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor and Valve Stem
  • How to replace a Service Kit on an adjustable angle clamp-in Tire Pressure Monitoring Stem
  • How to replace a Service Kit on a fixed angle clamp-in Tire Pressure Monitoring Stem

Recently, TIA, the Tire Industry Association, raised concern about vehicle manufacturer's owner manuals lacking in information for the consumer on their vehicle's tire pressure monitoring system. Specifically, that there are two ways a TPMS light will illuminate on the dashboard when a problem occurs, a solid light for low tire pressure or a flashing light for approximately 30-45 seconds upon start-up, notifying the driver that there is a malfunction in the TPMS system.

Dill agrees with TIA's comments and addresses this exact issue in one of the consumer videos. "We see the growing concern and are putting action plans together to get out to today's driver with awareness and education as soon as possible," Boyer stated. 

Stay tuned, as Dill is launching its second series later this spring.

To view the new videos, go to www.dillvalves.com