Odyne Systems showcased unique new walk-in van hybrid power application

Pat Davis, program manager of the vehicle technologies program at the U.S. Department of Energy and Ron Schoon, executive manager – partnership development, national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) visited with Odyne Systems president and CEO, Joe Dalum, on Tuesday, March 5, during the Green Truck Summit.

While visiting Odyne's booth at the NTEA show, they got a closer look at the Odyne plug-in hybrid system that is reducing diesel fuel consumption up to 50 percent, depending on duty cycles, in work trucks. Davis noted there are a number of forces coming together to support expansion of alternative energy vehicles - a combination of improving technology, new capability to manufacture critical components, new product offerings, new policy incentives and continuing concern regarding our dependency on petroleum. In the area of improved technology, batteries are two to three times better than what they were just a few years ago and the costs for those improved batteries are coming down.

Allison and Odyne introduced a new co-marketing program for the Odyne hybrid system, including a new joint logo and brochure and engineering collaboration to optimize the drivetrain.
Joe Dalum and Joe Pellissier, Process Improvement Manager at NV Energy, spoke at the GTA on "Measuring Duty Cycles and Making the Business Case for Hybrid Electric."