Launch Tech USA

Launch Tech partners with Identifix, offering Direct-Hit on its new X431 Launch Pad Diagnostics Tablet

Launch Tech USA has partnered with Identifix incorporating its Direct-Hit program into the newly introduced X431 Launch Pad.

With The Launch Pad and Identifix Direct-Hit feature, technicians can perform vehicle diagnostics, view graphs, and record PID data, while obtaining real world repair solutions via wi-fi - all at the same time.

“This is a huge step forward for Launch,” said Harlan Siegel, vice president of diagnostics, Launch Tech USA. “We are now able to offer technicians the needed repair direction to help trouble shoot vehicles in addition to OBD related data. With Identifix® being the industry leader in confirmed fix information, our decision to partner with Identifix® was an easy one.”

“Direct-Hit’s integration with the Launch Pad will enable technicians to access our real-world fix information without leaving the vehicle,” said Identifix president, Jeff Sweet. “Our shared focus on increasing shop productivity is why our partnership with Launch makes sense by allowing customers to log into Direct-Hit using the Launch tablet at the car.”

The new X431 Launch Pad will include a 30-day Free Trial of Identifix’s Direct-Hit. Using Identifix Direct-Hit on the Launch Pad enables quick navigation through the Direct-Hit vehicle selection. Direct-Hit is an award-winning, online tool for vehicle diagnostics, OEM repair information and factory scheduled maintenance plans. Direct-Hit's user-friendly database of vehicle symptoms, short-cut tests and field fixes streamlines traditional diagnostic flowcharts by reducing the steps it takes to find the problem and the solution.