AutoVitals Inc.

AutoVitals Inc. tests tablet-based electronic vehicle inspections

AutoVitals Inc., a provider of integrated solutions for internet marketing, motorist engagement and customer retention, announced a limited pilot program for the AutoVitals Electronic Inspection Sheet (EIS). By leveraging the effectiveness of mobile apps and ruggedized devices in the shop environment, independent auto service centers are able to show dramatic gains in productivity as well as customer satisfaction.

Traditionally, auto technicians record the result of their vehicle inspections on pre-printed paper forms and once completed the inspection findings are re-entered into the shop management software application by a service advisor. And finally the customer is notified by phone to ask them for authorization of an estimate based on the inspection results.

With the release of the AutoVitals EIS, inspection results including high-resolution photos and recorded voice details of specific findings are immediately accessible by the service advisor allowing him to easily prepare an estimate in minutes. By simply tapping the screen, snapping an image and talking to the device, the technician increases productivity and accuracy of the inspection process. Motorists will then be able to review the results including images of affected vehicle systems selected by the service advisor. Included with the repair estimate is a “Job Educator” providing additional information including educational videos about each service so that they can make an informed and educated decision to authorize additional repairs.

According to Uwe Kleinschmidt, CEO of AutoVitals, “The early pilot shops, which average 60 cars per week, showed productivity savings of over an hour each day using the EIS and have seen increased levels of customer satisfaction too.”

The new AutoVitals EIS will be released for general availability in Q2 2013 and pricing is not yet available.

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