Venchurs CNG announces partnership with Knapheide

Venchurs Vehicle Systems, a CNG converter and QVM for Ford, announced at the Work Truck Show its new partnership with Knapheide. As the nation's premier producer of steel service truck bodies, this partnership with Knapheide will allow Venchurs to offer CNG conversions, service bodies and other betterments for Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks. Venchurs will also utilize Knapheide's relationship with Sortimo, the global leader in van upfits and organization, to provide customized storage solutions for the 2014 Transit Connect and Transit. 

"We want to meet all the needs of our fleet customer, and that means offering more than just the CNG conversion." said Jeff Wyatt, CEO of Venchurs Vehicle Systems. "Thus far we have been able to offer betterments such as suspensions, bumpers, wheels and tires, but this partnership with Knapheide allows us to round out our portfolio, offering service bodies and customized storage solutions."

With unmatched technology and unparalleled customer support and service, Venchurs offers the ultimate solution for fleets wanting CNG powered trucks. While the CNG dedicated model is a fit for those located in areas of heavy infrastructure, the bi-fuel model offers a combined total range of over 650 miles and on-the-fly switching between fuel type capabilities. Because Venchurs is a QVM, the original Ford warranty stays intact and the conversions can be financed through Ford Credit. 

Venchurs has a ship-thru facility in Louisville, Kentucky, as well as a remote ship-thru facility in Southeast Michigan. Venchurs will also utilize Knapheide's ship-thru facility in Kansas City, where the Ford Transit and F150 will be produced.  

"We're excited about expanding our CNG offerings with Venchurs Vehicle Systems", said Chris Weiss, VP of Engineering at Knapheide. "It gives us the opportunity to provide quality and cost effective solutions to meet our customer's needs."