Meritor WABCO's electrically controlled air dryer demonstrates proven fuel savings

Meritor WABCO, a provider of the integration of safety and efficiency technology for the North American commercial vehicle industry, is producing proven fuel savings for customers using Meritor WABCO's electrically controlled air dryer (ECAD), the newest member of the System
Saver family.

System Saver ECAD was introduced in February 2012 in the North American market and early adopters of the product are reporting an annual reduction in fuel consumption of 100 gallons or more, equivalent to approximately $400 per vehicle. The system generates air pressure during low engine-demand cycles, reducing parasitic loss caused by the compressor diverting horsepower from the engine, and results in overall fuel savings being achieved.

"Meritor WABCO is an innovation leader in the safety arena, which relies heavily on intelligent technology, and we've applied that expertise to enhance the efficiency of our products," said Pat Kealy, director, compression and braking, Meritor WABCO. "In addition to fuel savings, the efficient design of ECAD eliminates the governor, allowing for improved serviceability, lower maintenance costs and reduced weight."

ECAD includes two solenoid valves, which facilitate air pressure generation and air dryer regeneration. A control unit compiles relevant information for air drying, such as system pressure, engine speed and operating time, road speed and ambient temperature. With intelligent control, ECAD regeneration cycles only take place when necessary and are determined by monitoring delivered air volume. Regeneration takes place from the system's
own air reservoir, thus eliminating the need for a separate regeneration reservoir.