Decisiv automates inspection and maintenance processes

Decisiv, a provider of service relationship management platforms, has announced that Saia is deploying QR Codes on 17,000 assets to automate and improve the efficiency of its inspection and maintenance processes. 

The initiative at Saia represents the largest deployment of QR codes at a commercial fleet using MVASIST, the Service Relationship Management (SRM) platform developed by Decisiv for Volvo Trucks North America. 

Saia, based in Johns Creek, Georgia, has been using MVASIST internally and to manage breakdowns. The company, offers less-than-truckload, non-asset truckload, and logistic services through three service groups, and operates 147 terminals in 34 states. 

Across Saia's network of 36 shops, and at three trailer yards in Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas, technicians are now applying QR Codes to all tractors regardless of OEM, all makes of trailers in the fleet, and all converter dollies and forklifts. Decisiv supplies the codes, unique to each unit. Plans call for the application of QR Codes on the entire fleet to be completed by the end of the year. 

"Our technicians are now using iPad tablet computers to scan QR Codes on vehicles and access and conduct pre-loaded inspections," said Charles Rozelle, regional maintenance manager at Saia's shop in Dallas where 175 tractors and 312 trailers are domiciled. "The QR codes take away the possibility of data entry errors, and by automatically transferring inspection results via a Wi-Fi network to the shop we can instantly see if service or repairs are needed. 

"The platform also gives us easy access to inspection histories for DOT and internal use. Before, our inspection forms were stored in a trailer in Atlanta and if a report was needed someone had to physically search for it." 

The QR codes now being applied to all Saia equipment can be used on any type of commercial asset. Scanning the unique code at any authorized service location on a smart phone or tablet computer launches a Decisiv mobile application and immediately loads asset information, customized inspection details and pending work. 

The application also allows service technicians to add odometer readings to trigger and send pending preventive maintenance operations, and simultaneously send any operations based on inspection results to shop personnel and the parts counter so they can be ready when the truck arrives in a service bay. 

"Saia was an early adopter of MVASIST and we have been expanding its use for a number of years," said Jason Plumlee, director of maintenance at Saia.

"Applying QR Codes to 17,000 assets is the next step in that process. The platform and its inspection capability replace inspection cards that had to be reprinted for each shop when a new procedure was needed. 

"For example, we issued new cards in the northeast after we added an inspection for water damage following last fall's hurricane, and then issued cards again in that region once the inspections were done," he continued. "System wide, it's a time and cost saving tool." 

"MVASIST provides Saia with the ability to streamline its inspection and maintenance processes by enhancing communications and the management of key service event data in real time," said Dick Hyatt, president of Decisiv. "By using QR Codes across its operation, Saia is taking the Decisiv-built Service Relationship Management platform to the next level."